Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Spoonbill in Warwickshire.

Having walked far too far the day before at Draycote Water resulting in very stiff legs when I got up on Friday morning I planned to have an easy time at Brandon Marsh just strolling round to a few of the hides.Well it didn't take long for this plan to collapse.

I'd only just got into the Steetly hide when I received a text from Kath "Just heard that there is a Spoonbill at Draycote Water" I thought this cannot be true there had been nothing from Birdguides and texted Kath back accordingly.I then got distracted as this chap turned up and briefly landed on the perching pole.

When the KF departed I sent a text to Bob Hazell who I knew would be on his circuit round DW "Is there a Spoonbill at the pond today?" He soon replied "Not to my knowledge".Well that's was it then no Spoonbill!!!!!.

A quarter an hour later my phone rang and it was a breathless Bob " Max gasp gasp there is a gasp gasp Spoonbill at the gasp gasp Outfall". What had happened was that Bob from the North shore had spotted the Spoonbill way over at the Outfall and was racing round to see it when he phoned me hence all the gasps.Very nice of him to phone me.Observers later told me Bob was running at great speed and along the Farborough bank women with prams,children joggers and cyclists were swept aside as he raced along like a runaway train.Nothing stops a birder getting to a good bird.

When I found out that Kath's news was kosher I abandoned my BM visit and set off to DW.I hadn't travelled very far down the A45 when my phone went again.OH NO!!!! I thought it's flown but it was Kevin telling me it was showing well.

I parked up and set off to the Outfall but by the time I'd raced up the hill and was at the back of the Sailing Club my heart was racing so much I had to rest up after all I'd seen Spoonbills before and had got some decent pics in Norfolk.All this was was a Warks tick so no need for a heart attack.I eventually got there to join up with several Warwickshire birders and find the Spoonbill showing well about 30 metres down from the pathway.

It was a juvenile but still a cracking bird.

An hour later one of the fishing boats came too close and everything took off.Luckily the Spoonbill returned after a while giving an opportunity for some flight shots.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Great shots max!! You should never doubt Kath bird!!

Missed it myself due to business!!Bugger :(


Kevin Groocock said...

Great day Max and great images. Glad you made it. Wonder whats next?

Kevin Groocock said...
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Max Silverman said...

Cheers chaps.Yes Kath came up with the goods and spread the news.

Christian said...

The Spoonbill pictures are excellent but, you can't beat that Kingfisher, for my money.

Steve Seal said...

Wish i was back in Warwickshire sob sob sob.

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Christian.

Steve the Spoonbill was the only decent bird we've had here for ages now.