Thursday, 13 October 2011

A visit to Draycote Water.

On Thursday morning as soon as I saw that it would be a calm day and it would brighten up later I decided to go over to Draycote Water.Got there at 10.00AM to find it calm but a bit chilly and pretty dull.

I went down the Spit and soon saw a Rock Pipit which was great because it was a year tick for me but I'm blowed if I could get near enough for a shot.I met up with Richard,Mark and Bob at the Spit but except for a couple of Dunlin they had seen nothing.

Bob Hazell then decided to join up with me on a walk to Rainbow presumably so he would see more birds.No hang on that's not right!!!! I joined up with Bob so I could see more birds.Sorry Bob.

On the walk to Rainbow we did not see much but there were loads of Skylarks passing over on migration.A bit hard to get a shot but I did get one.

At Rainbow I was pleased to see a female Red-crested Pochard was still there despite the efforts of a couple of fishing boats.Not great shots but I was happy because although I'd seen some before I did not have any shots.

Along Draycote bank before we got to the Inlet we spotted at least seven Yellowhammers on the wall but before we could get close a walker coming the other way scared them off.Only got this distant shot.

We were then joined by Francoise and Alan by the Inlet and they had not seen anything that we had not seen.There was a Goosander just past the inlet but by this time it was very dull so no decent pics (excuses excuses).

It was so dull when we reached the Centre on the way back I decided to give in and head home.


Kevin Groocock said...

Nice morning, Max. I nearly called in on my way back from Napton but Tim Marlow had said it was quiet, other than the RC Pochard.

Max Silverman said...

It was very gloomy no good for pics Kevin.