Sunday, 18 December 2011

Caught in the rain.

I was unable to take advantage of the morning's bright weather on Saturday because I had to make a visit to Solihull to complain about my new glasses so it wasn't till lunchtime that I was able to go out with the camera.

Although it was still sunny when I set out on the short drive to Marsh Lane it had become cloudy when I parked up.I then got trapped for a while in the car park hide when it started to rain.The only shots I took were of a Shellduck.The Bewicks had left the day before.

When the rain stopped I bravely risked the weather and went to the Oak hide but had no luck there and took no shots.On the walk back the rain started again and unable now to dash anywhere I got pretty wet by the time I got in the car.It's hard to believe this body many years ago used to burst through defences and score loads of goals.

Did I give up.No way!!! I decided to park up along the old road in a decent spot and wait to see what turned up.It was warm and dry in the car and the radio was playing in the background.Even I can be patient when it's like this.

I did have to be patient because it was an age before the first decent bird showed and it was a male Bullfinch.

I was about to give up because it became very dull and the rain was falling again when a large flock of Fieldfares turned up and fed on the berries.Quite pleased with these shots as they were taken in the rain.


Christian said...

No 'crapographs' there Max! Stunning Bullfinch and Fieldfare shots.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.