Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A day out at a couple of local patches.

As soon as I heard on Monday morning that it was likely to be the best day weatherwise of the week I decided to go out with the camera.Whilst pondering where to go I had a timely text from Nic Barlow telling me that there were a couple of Bewick Swans on the car park pool at Marsh Lane.Not having ticked one in Warwickshire I sped over there.

Walked into the hide at just after 9.00AM and soon spotted them not too far away at the back of the island in front of the hide.Had to be patient as they were both asleep but did finally manage a few shots.

I then decided to drive over to Brandon Marsh where it was bright and not too windy.There were only a couple of people in EM hide when I entered it at not long after 10.30AM so I thought there couldn't be much around but I soon found a Common Snipe.

A bit later a Water Rail showed for a few seconds and I was able to get a few shots.This was the first WR I'd seen for ages so I was pleased to get some shots.

I slipped up a bit later on when I was looking in the wrong direction when a Peregrine flew high right over the hide and I couldn't get onto it quick enough to get a decent shot.

I then went down to the Carlton hide.On route I met two birders coming back the first said "There's nothing up there mate" and the second said the same but used much stronger language.The hide was empty when I got there so I could eat my lunch in peace but before I could get it out I saw this Kestrel who paid a short visit.

When the Kestrel left a Green Sandpiper also paid a short visit but it soon left because it could find no mud to feed on (the pool is now full).

Shortly after I had the first of a couple of personal calamities.The first was when a dollop of salad cream from a roll I was eating landed on my bins.What a burk !!!! As I was cleaning them and making a right mess a KF landed right in front of me on the perching pole.Of course it flew off before I could ready the camera.Bugger Bugger !!!!

Feeling grumpy I left the hide and headed to the cafe for a cup of tea little knowing I was heading for personal calamity number two.When I tried to fill my cup no tea was coming out of the pot so I tipped the pot up higher and an air lock or something must have been freed because the tea pored out like a dam had burst.It went all over the table and my bins were hit again.What a burk!!!!!! When I cleaned everything up all I salvaged was a half cup of tea.Bugger Bugger !!!!!!

A bit sheepishly I left the cafe and went round to the back gate to try for some Siskins and Redpolls because so far this winter I have not managed any decent shots of these chaps but I couldn't find any.I did get some shots of a few Redwings that were on the berry trees there.


Christian said...

Cracking Kestrel shots Max.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.