Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A visit to Marsh Lane.

I thought I'd better make another visit to Marsh Lane on Tuesday morning because I've hardly taken a shot down there in the last couple of months mainly because I seem to have missed anything decent that's been down there.I thought if I don't get some shots soon I may be in trouble with Nic Barlow when he writes this quarter's report.

It was very cold when I got there and my mood did not improve when a trio of regulars down there told me that there was not much about.After a quick walk round having found nothing to point the camera at I decided to give the Old Road a go.The Old Road was very good last year so fingers crossed.

I had a bit of luck straight away because I spotted this Common Buzzard (juvenile ?) on a distant post in the field opposite the gate.

I soon found some Redwings but I'm blowed if I could get close enough for a decent shot.

I had much better luck a little later when a lone Fieldfare landed in a nearby berry tree.

There were quite a few Yellowhammers in the trees but with the light fading and my slowness in getting onto them all I could get was this crappograph.

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