Thursday, 1 December 2011

A decent day at Brandon Marsh.

Although it's a while since my last post I have been out and about but have not seen anything to point the camera at.Two visits to Marsh Lane and an earlier visit to Brandon Marsh produced no decent birds to see other than some distant views of Golden Plovers.So on Wednesday morning I was not filled with any confidence when I set off once more to Brandon Marsh.

Luckily it was bright and the wind had dropped down to a breeze when I got there at 9.30AM.I headed straight to the Baldwin Hide hoping for some shots of the pair of Goldeneyes that had been there recently.I soon spotted them but I had to be patient for them to come into range of my lens but when they did I still struggled to get decent shots of the drake which showed the green tinge in the head but did not blow out the whites.

From there I headed to the East Marsh hide but the only decent birds on show were 60+ distant Golden Plovers.Far too distant for my lens.

I then headed down to the Carlton hide which has been my bogey hide for months now not having taken a shot there for ages but it was nice to see a lot of water there now.Determined to get shots of anything there I pointed the camera at a Grey Squirrel.How low can you sink!!!

Then I tried to turn this chap into an exotic wader.

So then another poor visit to the Carlton hide.Well no actually I am pleased to say.At 10.45AM from the reeds of the pool you can see way off to the left of the Carlton hide a large bird rose and flew behind the trees and across the reeds right at the back of the Carlton pool before dropping out of site.It was a Bittern!!!!!! I did manage a couple of shots which pleased me no end as they are my first Bittern shots this winter and considering it was a long way off and only in view for a few seconds the shots are pretty decent.