Friday, 2 December 2011


Prevented on Friday morning on going to Draycote Water with a couple of friends by an "any time during the day " visit by a Central Heating engineer.He was coming to repair my boiler which, like me, is clapped out I went out locally looking for Fieldfares once he had left.

I love Fieldfares but this year I had failed to catch up with them and had not got any shots.On a return journey from Brandon Marsh last week in a paddock on a country lane near Fen End I had spotted a couple of them on a berry tree so I headed over there just after lunch hoping that they might be still around.Using my car as a hide (How shrewd am I) I parked up in an adjacent lay-by and got the bins out for a scan round.

So were the two Fieldfares still there ? No they weren't.There was about 150 of them flying all over the place.The trouble was that they were very nervy and disappeared off into the distance several times only to reappear suddenly from a different location.Great birds.Here are a few shots I managed to rattle off.


Christian said...

The last one is particularly beautiful Max.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.I think they are great birds.