Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A couple of local trips.

Spent most of Sunday morning down at Marsh Lane with the camera but although there were loads of Geese,Ducks and Gulls around particularly on the Car Park pool I could find nothing special to point the camera at.

The Kingfisher was again seen from the causeway screen but it seems to have found a new perch which is far too far off for a decent shot.

It was nice to see quite a few regulars down there starting off their year ticks so the chat was good in the hides.Most got up to 40 ticks which considering how poor this winter has been locally is a pretty good start.

When I saw that Monday morning was bright I decided to shoot over to Brandon Marsh to try my luck there and hopefully get some shots.I couldn't go over straight away because I had to go into Solihull to return a fleece lined jacket bought in the sales that looked so good in the stores mirror but was crap when I got it home.I wonder if stores mirrors are special and make you look good whatever you've got on!!!!

This delay prevented me from getting Brandon till nearly 11.00AM.When I saw the car park jam packed already I thought there must be a great rarity there but friends soon put me right the place was heaving with bank holiday walkers.As the place was so busy I spent all the time there round by the back gate and on the tip area with friends who were keen to avoid the crowds.

On the tip area where the bitter cold wind soon penetrated my thermals there were a few Common Buzzards about but to spot them soon enough when they came close to get a shot off was not easy as they appeared suddenly from nowhere.Here are my best efforts.

So what else was about.Not a lot really.Never saw a single Siskin or Redpoll and the Fieldfares were very thin on the ground.A Sparrowhawk suddenly appeared right above us but no one got onto quick enough for a shot.There were a few Redwings about but even they were thin on the ground.A tough day for photographers and extremely cold.Here are a couple of Redwing shots.


Kevin Groocock said...

Great shots Max. My birding has hardly started!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.It's tough out there.You'll be out every day when you get your new lens.

Christian said...

Fantastic Buzzard close-ups Max. I just love Buzzards!

Andrew Haynes said...

Some great shots there Max, good to see you the other day .

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