Friday, 20 January 2012

Things still a bit poor locally.

Not only has the weather gone a bit gloomy lately but very little is being reported locally so things on the shot taking front are not too good.

My nyger feeders in my back garden are faring better lately as a couple of Redpolls are feeding there occasionally during the day.Not having any luck so far in getting shots of a pair of Blackcaps that are also paying visits to my back garden the miserable so and so's only come when it's very gloomy.

On Thursday lunchtime I braved the showers and had a quick visit to Marsh Lane.I was pleased to see the ice had gone from the pools but it was still very quiet so no shots.The old lane was more productive but I failed badly to get a shot of the hand full of Yellowhammers in the trees.There were still several Redwings about to point the camera at however one of them didn't take too kindly to this and gave me the evil eye.

STOP PRESS  Whilst writing this blog my eagle eye spotted the male Blackcap had come into my garden again.Quite pleased with the shots as it was raining and I had to hang the camera out of a narrow top hung window.


Christian said...

Yeah, the Blackcap is very good, especially in the circumstances you describe!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.Saw the female yesterday but was in my neighbour's garden.