Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another visit to Brandon Marsh.

I slipped up a bit on Saturday morning by not going after the Night Heron in Atherstone.I was in wimp mode and thought it too windy and wet to go over there.In any case I'd seen the one that visited Earlwood last year but when I saw the shots that Pete Walkden and Dave Hutton got that very morning I was regretting not going over there even though it was an escapee.

I should not have boasted about the pair of Blackcaps that were visiting my back garden because since I did I've not seen them at all.Redpolls are still paying an occasional visit but I have not seen the possible Mealy Redpoll again.

As soon as I saw that there might be a bit of brightness about on Monday I went over to Brandon Marsh.I headed to the Baldwin hide first but it was very quiet with only a couple of Goldeneye showing in the distance.A Great Crested Grebe did come close to the hide.

Things then livened up a lot when a pair of Great Crested Grebes started up a mating ritual.I was keen to watch this so I could pick up some tips to use on the attractive waitress in the cafe later on.Things went well for the male to start with but when he offered the female the "gift" his choice of a rotting leaf did not go down well and she swam off.I think she was after a Mulberry bag at least.

Things went downhill rapidly after that excitement because nothing decent was seen from all the other hides.There was a bit of excitement later on the Swallow Pool where I found a male Goosander.A bit far off for my lens but very nice to see one at Brandon.

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