Monday, 6 February 2012

Bad weather keeping me indoors.

As president of the fair weather birders club I of course have not ventured out in the recent bad conditions but all was not lost because I finally managed to get a shot of the female Blackcap that has been visiting my back garden this winter.

Both a male and a female overwintering Blackcaps have made several appearances but they only come when the light is dreadful,they don't come very often and they stay only a few seconds.I managed a shot of the male a few days ago and included a shot in a recent blog so I was pleased to get some shots of the female this morning although they are not very good (it was raining).

I've just had a horrible thought.I made an ID error last year (one of many) when a shot I posted of a female Blackcap was in fact a juvenile !!!! I am not sure if this shot is of a female or a juvenile.Anyone help?

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