Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Struggling to get any decent shots.

Although I've had a couple of trips to Marsh Lane and another visit to Brandon Marsh in the last few days I have struggled to see any decent birds to take shots of.Some of my friends have done well recently but they have been prepared to travel to distant parts to get their shots which I suppose is what I should do instead of moaning.

What has saved me to some extent is that my new nyger feeder has been a great success often bringing in several Lesser Redpolls most days.This is a good thing because I've had very few sightings elsewhere of these chaps.Here are a few shots taken earlier this week including one of "Pinkie"

I've had a few go's now of trying for the Jack Snipe that has been showing well in the marsh at the side of the Oak hide at Marsh lane.Well it's being showing well for others certainly not for me.Another 2 hour session yesterday ended in failure although another birder in the hide did see it scuttle across the channel whilst I was looking elsewhere of course.All I got was this shot of Mr. and Mrs. Teal.

To prove I have got a shot of a Jack Snipe here is one I took in April 2009 funnily enough from the same hide.


Andrew Haynes said...

We all have runs of good , and bad luck Max here's hoping yours changes soon.

Lovely Redpoll shots

I've taken a leaf out of your book , and just started my own blog.

Max Silverman said...

Good luck Andy with the blog.Let me know how to find it.