Friday, 2 March 2012

A visit to Brandon Marsh.

I decided early on Thursday morning to shoot over to Brandon Marsh to try and get some shots of the Med. Gull that had been seen there the previous day.Although I'd set off from Knowle in bright sunshine when I got to Brandon I found the place shrouded in a thick fog.Oh Dear!!!

Headed to the Baldwin hide and of course could see nothing through the fog on the water but on the access bridge I managed a couple of shots of a Treecreeper.Not great shots but ok in the gloomy conditions.

I then went to the EM hide to find it not surprisingly empty.You could see not much further than the nearby reeds.Luckily I spotted a Water Rail in the gloom as it sped across the gap in the reeds.My first shots of a Water Rail in the fog!!!!

I then spent the next hour trying to see a Cetti's Warbler that was calling out at the back of the brambles to the left of the hide.All I managed was this crappograph but it was the first shot of one of the year.

I then went to the Carlton hide but although it was getting brighter I saw very little and took no shots.A Curlew flew high over the hide but that was all.Now it was brightening up I headed back to the EM hide to see if the Med. Gull was about.More birders had now arrived but no one had seen the Med. Gull.In fact the only action was provided by a romantic meeting of a couple of Greylags.Hoping to pick up some tips to use on the attractive waitress later I soon dismissed this as the male was a bit of a rough mate.

As it was now a very sunny day Bob Duckhouse (Oh I wasn't supposed to mention a name) left the hide to go and fetch his camera that he'd left in his car.He arrived at a good time because the pair of Pintails had woken up and were heading towards the hide.He then said "I cannot get the camera to start up.Any advice Max" It did look dead so I said "Take the battery out for a few seconds and that may reboot things"When he opened the battery compartment there was no battery!!!! This caused much amusement in the hide.

I managed some better shots of the Pintails this time.The hard thing is to get the pair with their heads up at the same time.

There was still no sign of the Med. Gull although the numbers of Gulls now was in the hundreds.Other birds seen at distance were 4 Shellducks,2 Oystercatchers,a Green Sandpiper and a Ringed Plover.

It was now mid afternoon So I headed to the cafe where the atractive waitress looked as good as ever but my order of "A pot of tea for one and two kisses" did not have the desired result.


Christian said...

Perhaps just try for one kiss next time Max.

I Like the Treecreeper and I laugh every time I see the word 'crapograph' in your posts.

Kevin Groocock said...

A good day Max. I avoid Thursdays due o conservation work - was there much disturbance? When I was there last, the drake Pintail was in front of the Wright Hide and the female on the far side of the pool! Would've loved to have got them together.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers both.

There was not much disturbance Kevin.Mind you I've just found out the Med was seen later.