Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A trip to Brandon Marsh.

After Sunday's dipping on the three drake Smew at Marsh Lane I was keen to go out with the camera and try to get some shots so off I shot on Tuesday morning to Brandon marsh.

Went to the Steetly hide first to see if I could spot the Bittern seen there a couple of days ago but after nearly an hour not only had I not seen the Bittern I hadn't seen any birds at all.Keith Yates entered the hide then with a couple of other birders and they advised me not to go to the other hides as the whole place was swarming with kids.I'd forgotten it was half term !!!!

Put off going to the other hides I joined Keith and the others as they walked the western and northern boundaries of the reserve well away from the crowds.I'd never been to these areas before so I found it very interesting the only downside was that we saw no decent birds.

I then went to the cafe for a cup of tea but I'd timed my visit very badly because I arrived just as the final of the noisiest children contest had just started.As I drunk my tea I don't know if it was the presence of the attractive waitress (who looked more stunning than ever) or the fact the radiators were on full blast but I was overheating badly and didn't stay too long.

I then gave up and went home with no decent shots at all.All was not lost because a couple of Lesser Redpolls were on my feeders.

I also managed a shot of a rare visitor to my back garden a Long Tailed Tit.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Hi Max, enjoyed your company the other day! However, have to disagree with you regarding not seeing any decent birds! You did say you went the cafe for a cuppa didn't you ;)



Max Silverman said...

Yes Keith you are absolutely right!!!!!