Monday, 13 February 2012

A lesson in how to dip on a bird.

I have dipped many times when birding but on Sunday morning I endured a particularly annoying dip which as usual was entirely down to me.This is what happened.

   *  Just after breakfast I received a text from Nic Barlow  Three drake Smew on Railway pool  .I decided not to go as I was still knackered after yesterday's efforts at Brandon plus it was too gloomy for decent shots and I'd already got some decent Smew shots.

   *  10 minutes later I received a Birdguides text telling me about the Smew.

   *  20 minutes later a phone call from Brian Harris in the Oak hide   The Smew are showing well come down with your camera  .

   *  Another 20 minutes later a phone call from Nic Barlow  It would be nice if you get some shots of these rare visitors to Marsh Lane  .I cracked at this point and thought I'd better get over there.

   *  10 minutes later I was on my way (at this point I'd wasted an hour).Half way there I stopped to see an incoming text from Nic Barlow  They have flown off   Bugger !! I found a place to turn round and headed back home.

   *  5 minutes later nearly back home the mobile went off.It was a call from Nic Barlow  They have come back  Bugger Bugger !!  I turned the car round and set off again for Marsh Lane.

   *  15 minutes later I finally entered the hide and I'm sure you have guessed the end  Max they have just flown.You have only just missed them.

Serves me right.What a ditherer.I must learn either you go straight away or don't go at all.


Christian said...

How can you type laughter without just writing 'ha ha ha'? 'Ha ha ha' written seems like I'm laughing at you, but, I'm just laughing at your excellent post. Pure comedy!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.I hope I've learned a lesson.

Pete Walkden said...

Unlikely Max - knowing you ;-)

I missed them too. Had an errand to make before I could get over, and by then they'd left.