Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Another battle with a Goldcrest.

As soon as I saw that Monday looked like being a sunny day I finished off some household chores and raced off to Brandon Marsh getting there at 9.30AM.My plan was to try for shots of Cetti's Warblers,Goldcrests and  of the recently reported Ciffchaffs.

Did very well to start with as I located a Chiffchaff calling out high up in tree not far from the Wright hide but it was very lively and soon flew off.Did manage a distant so so shot but I don't think I've ever got a shot of one this early in the year.

I then checked out most of the hides but couldn't find anything of interest to point the camera at.Particularly annoying was a Cetti's near the EM hide that kept calling out close by but did not show itself.

Mid way along the path to the Carlton hide I spotted a Goldcrest.These chaps are a bogey bird for me and I've had loads of battles with them trying to get some shots and I usually fail badly.They always seem to be deep in the gloom of a tree,they never keep still and often hide behind twigs and branches but cracking little birds and great fun trying get some shots of.

This one hung around for 20 minutes and I took loads of shots mostly of twigs or empty spaces.As usual it spent most of the time in the gloom but I did manage a few shots this time so the battle ended in a draw.


Kevin Groocock said...

The words "Max" and "Raced" do not sit right! Great images Max and well done on the Goldcrest.

Max Silverman said...

You are right Kevin I certainly don't race anywhere these days.