Friday, 23 March 2012

Shots from a few local trips.

Tuesday lunchtime I popped over to Marsh Lane for an hour and was pleased to see 3 Little Ringed Plovers on the car park pool my first of the year.A bit gloomy for decent shots.

In had not planned to go out birding on Wednesday but when the sun came out in the afternoon I again went over to Marsh Lane.On route I spotted this Kestrel and managed a shot from the car window before it flew off.

When I was by the causeway screens I received an exciting text "Osprey just flew over Balsall Common heading north" ie. coming my way.I scanned the skies for a while but all I saw was a Common Buzzard.

Thursday morning saw me heading off to Brandon Marsh which whilst it was a pleasure to walk round in the excellent weather I could find nothing to point the camera at other than a Kestrel.

When I was looking at the nearly finished new viewing screen past the Carlton hide (which looks like it might be a decent spot) I received a text "Med. Gull showing well at Marsh Lane" I decided to shoot over there.However when I got there I was told it had just flown North. Bugger!!!!

I was feeling grumpy as I sat in the Oak hide having missed out on the Med. Gull but not long later as I scanned round I found something rather good.A Sandwich Tern !!!!! I was chuffed to bits because I very rarely find anything and it was a Local Patch Life Tick for me.I immediately put it out and a few people came down to see it before it flew off.Too far off for a decent pics but pleased to get a few record shots.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Wow Max, just caught up with your blog. Sandwich Tern is a fantastic find & photos too! Brill......



Max Silverman said...

Cheers Keith.Nice to be a real birder for a while and find something.