Saturday, 17 March 2012

A visit to Whitacre Heath.

On Friday morning I went over to the Whitacre Heath reserve but I was a bit concerned that the recent gloomy weather would continue and if you ever need bright conditions to take decent shots Whitacre Heath is the place.It can be a very dark place.

Went to the three hides on the western side of the reserve first and all were dead with no birds on view.I did see a distant Common Buzzard in the gloom calling out for all his worth.

I then headed to the feeder hide were there was a bit of action but it was hard to get the speed up on the camera due to the gloom.Oh for some sunshine!!!! A few birds popped down to the pond for a drink including a Lesser Redpoll and a Wren.

A Woodie dropped in briefly unfortunately not the Lesser.

There was a bit of action in the wood pile to the left of the hide where this mouse (a wood mouse ?) and a couple of his mates were whizzing about.

A Willow Tit (well I think it was a Willow and not a Marsh Tit) paid a few visits to the feeders but it was too quick for me to get a decent shot.

I left just after lunch so I could see my horse win the Cheltenham gold cup (it didn't).It was nice to be out but how I need some brightness to get some decent shots.

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