Thursday, 15 March 2012

A couple of trips but no luck.

I've been out a couple of times this week but have had no luck at seeing anything decent to point the camera at.On Tuesday afternoon I popped over to Marsh Lane for a couple of hours and whilst waiting patiently for the Jack Snipe to show (it didn't) I did get a couple of shots of a Little Grebe but as you can see from the shots the light was all wrong.

The only other shot I got was a very distant shot of a Ringed Plover but it was the first one of the year.

Wednesday I had a very depressing morning at Brandon Marsh.Like a fool I believed the weather man when he said it would soon brighten up.I decided to walk the path that goes past the wind pump and round to the golf course and found that instead of brightening up it was getting gloomier.There was also a damp mist and it was damn cold.Wonderful!!!

For an hour I saw no birds and no other people even the golf course was empty.I thought for a bit that everyone had died and I was the only person still alive it was that quiet.I did get a shot of the new Osprey nest that has been built on the Newlands let's hope it's successful.

An hour later sitting alone in the Carlton hide with no birds on show and with the gloomy damp conditions not having improved I found it so depressing that I was about to start to cry.Realising that I'd better get out of there quickly I left and headed off to the cafe where I knew a smile from the attractive waitress would cheer me up.

As I neared the cafe it dawned on me why I was failing to impress the the pretty waitress.Male birds at this time of year change into summer plumage to attract mates and this is what I have not done.This is where I am going wrong!!!!


Kevin Groocock said...

You'd have enjoyed Snettisham on Monday, Max - very cold and very foggy! I thought of you while there!!

Max Silverman said...

I would have loved that Kevin.It's a long walk to the hides there as well.

Dave Hutton said...

Max the light may have been wrong on the grebes but it actually works very well!!