Sunday, 22 April 2012

Marsh Lane again.

Early on Saturday morning in an attempt to beat the forecast heavy rain I shot over to Marsh Lane again.It was pretty cold as I walked to the car park hide and it was no surprise when I was told the gate padlocks had been frozen up earlier on.

I had not spotted anything decent from the car park hide when suddenly something flew in from the south.At long last I've learned to take shots before you try to ID something as it maybe your only chance.If it turns out to be a Crow you can always delete your shots however in this case I got some decent flight shots of a Curlew which I was pleased with because it was a fair distance away and it was a bit gloomy.

The Little Egret was on the railway pool again but way off in the middle of the pool.There were at least 8 Common Terns which are always nice to see but I did feel sorry for this one whose pre mating gift was rejected.

The crop field is proving very fruitful but it is very hard to spot anything unless you've got a powerful scope.There were several Yellowhammers,a couple of Skylarks,a few Linnets on show when I was there and best of all another Wheatear which makes three I,ve seen there recently.Far too distant and gloomy for decent shots but nice to see.

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