Monday, 23 April 2012

Out early again.

Went out early again this morning hoping to do a bit of birding before the rains arrived.This was a pretty brave thing to do as my back is still playing up so gritting my teeth I headed off to Marsh Lane.

Nothing much from the car park hide except for a Little Ringed Plover that was whizzing around.I took this as a challenge and tried for some flight shots.

Just past the causeway screens I met up with two old friends.The first was my old mate the Willow Warbler who sung out from it's usual bushes near the stream.

The next old friend I came across was the Song Thrush who was giving another concert high up a tree on the stream line.

From the Oak hide I managed my first shot of the year of a Ringed Plover.

There were 2 Reed Warblers and a lone Sedge Warbler singing in the reeds of the reedbed pool.I managed some pretty poor first shots of the year of one of the Reed Warblers.Pity about the reeds.

From the causeway screen I managed a shot of a Little Grebe having a late breakfast.


Christian said...

The in-flight LRP are cracking shots Max as is the Sedge Warbler peering around the reeds.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.