Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My pics shown at the RSPB meeting.

On an earlier blog I said some of my pics were to be shown at the AGM of the local RSPB group so on Tuesday evening I turned up at a hall in Solihull where the meeting was to be held.Not for the AGM of course but for the "Members Photographs" session to be shown after.

Instead of a dozen or so members I expected to be attending the hall was nearly full when I entered with over 100 in attendance.This made me a bit nervy and when I saw that the screen on which the pics were to be shown was about 8ft X 8ft I thought my small pics when blown up would not look sharp.

The first session was taken by a member who showed shots taken at various RSPB reserves and from a couple of off coast islands.There were some very good shots and it was very interesting.

It was my turn next.I had been shrewd and labelled all my pics so I did not need to talk and in any case the member operating the kit talked about each bird giving more info than I could have done.I need not have worried about the pics not being sharp because the kit being used (a laptop and a digital projector) was very impressive and the pics showed well.

After a break for tea the next session was started and what an impressive session it was.It was given by a birder who "Spends 6 months a year abroad taking wildlife shots" which is a bit different from yours truly who thinks it's a major journey going to Draycote Water.He showed some great shots taken all over the world.Very impressive.

I might as well show a few more of my shots that were shown at the meeting.Any excuse eh !!! The label has gone missing on the Bearded Tit shot it was taken at Cley Sept. 2008.The BT Diver was not taken at Draycote but at Sushtoke Res.

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