Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A very cold Marsh Lane.

I popped across to Marsh Lane again this morning to see if anything had dropped in after yesterday's rain.As I walked to the car park hide I realised it was much colder than I thought.This was confirmed when I found two friends (Brian and Geoff) in the hide both dressed in full arctic gear.I wasn't so I wouldn't be staying long.

Found a lone Linnet on the causeway and managed a shot.First of the year.

I then went to the river hide because I could see some Sand and House Martins flying nearby but when I got in the hide I only managed one distant shot of a House Martin before a Sparrowhawk appeared high up and off they went.

Couldn't resist taking another shot of a Little Grebe and also one of a smart looking Gadwall.

Back on the causeway I had an enjoyable battle with a Chiffchaff trying to get some decent shots.It wasn't easy although my little friend did come down from the tree tops he remained deep in some bushes and the auto focus couldn't pick him up.Managed a few better shots.

I then went home to try and get warm.The wimp is back.

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