Friday, 11 May 2012

A quick visit to Marsh Lane.

Thinking that the weather would brighten up after lunch on Thursday I popped over to Marsh Lane for a quick look.It didn't brighten up in fact it got worse with a strong wind blowing and a very overcast sky.Well done Max!!!

Inspired by Dave Hutton's excellent shots earlier in the week I had a go at getting some shots of the Swifts that were whizzing around the car park pool.It was too gloomy for any decent shots.You do need some sunshine otherwise you end up with a collection of silhouettes.These are my least bad efforts.

I just got to the Oak hide before the first of several squally showers arrived.Wonderful!!!! There were 2 Yellow Wagtails on one of the islands too far off for a shot but they seemed to be gathering nesting material.

There were a couple of decent waders on the islands.The first was a Dunlin which did not seem to be bothered by the heavy showers but did fly around a lot.

The other wader was a Common Sandpiper that showed briefly before moving off.

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