Saturday, 12 May 2012

An early morning visit to Brandon Marsh.

The sun was out so I grabbed the camera and raced over to Brandon Marsh getting there just after 8.00AM.I decided to have a go at getting some Warbler shots on the east side of the reserve so off I set past the wind pump.

Not a Warbler but the first bird I came across was a Mistle Thrush on the grass.A bit distant but worth a shot as it was the first I'd seen for a while.

There were a few Garden Warblers singing near the sheep field area but there were many birds singing out so I'm not sure this is a shot of one or not.

Pleased to get shots of a Male and Female Blackcap particularly the shot of the Female as I don't see many of these.

I know it's about time I got a decent shot this spring of a Common Whitethroat but I did OK this morning.You couldn't fail really.

From the screen past the Carlton hide a Hobby showed up briefly but remained way off in the distance.Got some better shots than earlier in the week but still pretty grim.

Back home mid afternoon as I slumped into a sun lounger with a much needed coffee this little chap landed on the fence close by.I'm fairly sure it's a Coal Tit because I could hear it's parents calling out.

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