Monday, 14 May 2012

Swifts and Buzzards.

Two of my friends have recently got excellent shots of Swifts but my efforts have been poor at best so Sunday morning at Marsh Lane I thought I'd have a go at matching their efforts.

There were about 20 Swifts zooming all over the place and conditions were good with the sun shining but my god they were just too quick for me especially when they came into range.If anyone is interested I have for sale a large collection of blank sky shots and an even bigger collection of blurred grey blob shots.Here is my best shot to date but no where near the quality of my two friend's shots.I have not given up yet.

A group of 4 Common Buzzards appeared briefly high over the river hide and I managed a few shots.None of them up to much but a couple of the shots include the "White Ghost" a very pale Buzzard which I thought was an Osprey when I first saw it last year.

Whilst I was spending all my time chasing the Swifts there was a Med. Gull on the railway pool which of course I missed.


Christian said...

Tremendous photography in capturing the Swift in flight Max.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.