Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another visit to a churchyard.

I'm getting worried I might be changing into a ghoul because the only place I seem to go lately for my birding are churchyards and yesterday after receiving a text from a couple of friends saying they were going to have another go at the Spotted Flycatchers at Napton I found myself once more heading off to a churchyard.

Got there just after 10.00AM and joined my friends in the churchyard.It was very pleasant sitting with two friends on a lovely morning chatting away and waiting for the SF's to show up and get close enough for shots.And show up they did.For most of the rest of the morning two of these little beauties made visits to the nearby trees and gravestones catching anything that came close.Magic.

So I got loads of great shots then ? As it happens no I didn't.I don't know why because the conditions were great but I messed up most of my shots many of them were overexposed or out of focus.It was either the camera was playing up or the photographer was.Probably the latter.Very disappointing.

I did manage a couple of ok shots of the pair on a gravestone.

The only other shots that were worth keeping were these two.

I am now going to check the camera settings because I don't want another bad day especially when the conditions are fine.

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