Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Marsh Lane.

Taking advantage Tuesday lunchtime of a gap between the showers I made a visit to Marsh Lane.Like a fool I was having yet again a go at getting a decent shot of the Black-necked Grebes that had been present on the car park pool for over a week now but had not once come anywhere near the hide (Well not for me).

Did I have any luck this time? No way !!!!!  As usual they threatened to come close but stop at an invisible line on the pond and then head back to the north bank.So frustrating being unable to get shots of these little beauties.This is the best I could do.

Just before I was about to leave everything on the islands took flight.I searched the sky in the wrong direction of course and was unprepared when a birder next to me shouted out "Peregrine".By the time I got onto it it was flying off towards Sidden wood and I only got a couple of crappographs in the rainy conditions.

This was a shame because it had caught something for it's lunch and if I had been on the ball I could have got a decent shot.It landed in a dead tree to the left of the two storey hide near Sidden wood and stayed there for ages.

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