Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A bit of a hit and miss morning.

When I found out the weather man was forecasting a dry day on Monday a rare event these days I grabbed the opportunity and went over to Napton yet again.Don't worry I'm not going to load up this blog with more Napton Spotted Flycatchers shots but I'd heard that the chicks had fledged and I wanted to have a go at getting some chicks being fed shots.

So how did I do then ? Slightly worse than dreadful as it turned out.The SF's and their chicks were nowhere to be found despite a long and patient search by four birders.Shouldn't moan too much this was my first failure at Napton this year.

Whilst searching round the only shots I took all morning were of one of three Green Woodpeckers in the lower field.Went there for SF's and got Green Woodies.Oh Dear !!!!!

After a cup of tea in the church and inspired by seeing some Green Woodpeckers I left and headed to another churchyard (Berkswell) not far from where I live which lately has been good for getting shots of  Green Woodies.As soon as I entered the churchyard and was heading to where the Woodies show guess what I saw in a tree.Yes you've guessed a Spotted Flycatcher!!!!

It soon flew off so I headed to see if I could see any Woodies in their usual spot.After a patient wait I'd had no luck at all so I gave up and had no choice but to turn my attention to the SF I'd seen earlier.Went to the car got my stool and set myself in the churchyard.Friends have told me that when I'm sitting on my stool in a churchyard I look like a gravestone.At first I thought this was a compliment to my field craft skills but now I'm not so sure as gravestones are usually very old,battered and covered in all sorts of crap.

I did have some success with the pair of SF's but it was far more difficult getting shots of these to as they were unlike the Napton ones that used to come over to have their picture taken.

So I went out to Napton for Spotted Flycatcher shots and got Green Woodpeckers and I went to Berkswell for Green Woodpecker shots and got Spotted Flycatchers.Hey Ho !!!!

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