Monday, 27 August 2012

A bit of a thin visit to Marsh Lane.

Went to Marsh Lane on Sunday morning and as usually happens when it's a fine day ideal for taking shots there's little decent to point the camera at.

I did get a couple of flight shots of some Gadwalls on the railway pool.


After a long stay in the Oak hide the only bird of interest that we saw was this chap which unfortunately was right the other side of the pool.There was a lot of discussion what it was most thinking it was a Hobby but I wasn't sure as it looked too pale for me but what do I know.

There was a nice Kestrel in the Oak tree near the CP hide.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Max, we had a chat in sailing center the other day. Very nice Bearded Tits shots! As for the mystery bird in the hedgerow, your right it is too pale for a Hobby - it's clearly a Green Woodpecker! Best regards, Dave Barnes.