Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Some recent shots.

Here are a few shots I've managed in the last couple of visits out.Nothing special I'm afraid.It's still a struggle to see anything decent locally.

Went to Marsh Lane on Sunday morning and although the weather was very pleasant the only shots I managed were of a Wren and a pair of Common Snipe.

I got stitched up yet again on Monday morning by the weatherman.I'd finished all my chores and was having a cup of tea in front of the telly when the weatherman said "It would be dry and the sun would come out mid morning to give a fine day".I got my gear out and headed off to Brandon Marsh but I hadn't gone a mile when the heavens opened up and I was in a deluge.Wonderful !!!!

It was still raining when I entered the Steetly hide but luckily this didn't put off a Kingfisher that did a bit of fishing in the gloom.The KF followed me to the Teal Pool and I managed a nearly decent flight shot.

It was a struggle to find any other birds to get shots of.The only success I had was with the Green Sandpipers that have been on the Teal Pool for a few days now.

Left click on the shots for a bigger version.

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