Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Grey Heron champion fisherman at Marsh Lane.

By Tuesday lunchtime needing a break from gardening I popped over to Marsh Lane.After an hour the only decent bird I'd seen was a Greenshank that very kindly landed near the Oak hide.

Back in the car park I was just about to leave when I noticed a couple of friends were in the car park hide so I went and joined them.During a chat we noticed that a Grey Heron that had been down the bank below us had caught something but we couldn't see what as it was hidden.Luckily it walked a little up the bank and this is what we saw.

It then put the fish ( A Tench ??) down on the grass and stabbed it.

As the fish was pretty big we thought it would have trouble swallowing it but no it went down in one quick go and I missed some fish in the mouth shots.

Left click on shots for a larger version.

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