Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Coming down to earth.

After last weeks great excitement watching the Osprey performing at the boating lake at Upton warren things on the birding front went down the pan a touch this week.

On Saturday I spent a very poor morning down at Brandon Marsh.Despite walking round everywhere I saw practically nothing on the birding front and what's more I met only one other birder all morning.The camera was not called on once.

Yesterday I decided to pay a visit to Draycote Water mainly because I didn't fancy any other local patches and because I hadn't been there for several months.

I parked in the new car park not long after 10.00AM and climbed up the bank to walk down to Toft.I was soon reminded of what I had been missing at Draycote because when I got to the main path I was greeted by a strong chilly breeze that blew my hat off back down the bank.

As I walked down the Farborough bank things did not improve because there were very few birds on the water and nothing at all on the grassy banks.The only highlights were meeting up with first Francoise who looked as attractive as ever (did I say that correctly Francoise ?) and secondly with Richard who is always very helpful.They both told me the best place to see the BN Grebe that was still in Toft.

I had lunch in the hide and I was dismayed to see that the once muddy bay in front of the hide was now completely overgrown and pretty useless for bird watching.On the way back I eventually found the BNG and managed a few shots (it seems to favour the bay to the left of the hide and is best seen from the grassy bank).

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