Friday, 14 September 2012

Upton Warren yet again.

As soon as I saw it was going to be a nice day on Thursday I decided to go over to Upton Warren again to see if the Osprey was still there.If it was that would make it being present for two weeks.Quite a record.

Drove into the sailing club car park at just before 8.30AM and was surprised to see only one car there and no birders.Oh Dear had it gone? I walked down to the viewing point on the south west side of the lake and found no one there.I had the place to myself which was another surprise because it was cracking very still morning with the sun shining and the lake like glass.

I was lucky because the Osprey turned up quite soon and I was treated to a magnificent display for a few minutes before it caught a fish and flew off.What a stunning bird.

I then had a walk down to the flashes and watched the Osprey eating it's breakfast on a post.I stayed for a while before going back to the lake to wait for it to start fishing again.It turned up at 10.30AM again and put on another superb display.What a site it is especially when it gets close.I managed a few shots of it just after it caught a fish.