Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Norfolk - Day 4

Checked out the hotel on Saturday morning and headed home but not before having a few hours at Titchwell.

As I started to walk down the main path at just before 9.00AM I realised that for the first time this trip there was no wind blowing.So with a calm sunny morning there must be a chance of some Bearded Tit shots.I hadn't even heard one let alone seen one this trip so it was fingers crossed.

I needn't have worried because about 100m before the path to the Island hide in the reeds near the path I soon saw some flitting about.There was just me and another photographer enjoying a good show for 20 minutes before they flitted off.Here are a selection of some of the shots I managed.

Whilst we were enjoying the Bearded Tits a Bittern burst out of the reeds 20m further back down the path and flew eastwards.Shocked I only managed a distant shot.

Things went downhill from then on.There was nothing showing from the Island and Parrinder hides and even the beach was very quiet.I did go on a long walk down the beach to try and get some shots of a pair of Eider Ducks but the miserable so and so's were asleep and would not wake up.

As I walked back to the viewing platform along the beach I did have an amusing incident.A guy was walking a dog on a leash and as we got closer I was struggling to recognise the dog and no wonder.It was a rabbit!!! Can you believe that a man walking a rabbit on the beach.

A nice few days in Norfolk.Very nice weather but no great shots and no rarities.I didn't even see a Marsh Harrier let alone get any shots.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Excellent set of Photos from Norfolk Max! Love the Beardies, well done!



Max Silverman said...

Cheers Keith.