Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Another trip to Upton Warren.

On Monday morning I was suffering from post Norfolk blues so I thought I'd better get out there with the camera and as the Upton Warren Osprey was the only show in town I headed off there.

I began to think it was not going to be my day when on the M42 I saw the signs "Big delays on M5".There had been a big smash not far from my exit J5 so I thought no problem I will use the A38 but of course that was now jammed up as well.It took me ages to get to the sailing lake.

I then found out I'd forgotten my birding hat.How can you go birding without a hat!!! The overcast but dry forecast proved wrong when it started to rain as I got to the Osprey viewing spot on the south bank of the lake.I then waited 90 minutes for the Osprey to come back from the flashes and what did it do.It caught a fish straight away on the far side of the lake and headed back to the flashes.Things were not going well!!!

As it was now raining again (no hat) I decided to go to the flashes and get some albeit distant shots of the Osprey perched on one of the posts but when I walked into the hide it was full of a party that had come from Bristol.My god they were noisy and of course had filled all the places where the windows open.Oh Dear!!!

Then my luck changed.I got a space by a window and the weather brightened up.The Osprey was still on a distant post.

I was very lucky again when I was focussed on the Osprey when it took flight and I was able to get some shots as it headed back to the sailing lake.I am very pleased with these shots as they were taken at distance a bit far really for my 400 lens.

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