Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A morning of missing out.

There is a gas leak at the end of my drive at the moment so this morning before the gas men turned up for the second day and before they dug up my driveway I drove off and headed to Marsh Lane.

Got there at just after 9.00AM and headed to the Oak hide to try yet again for the Jack Snipes that apparently had showed very well on Sunday.There were a few friends in the hide but no one had seen them so far today.

When an hour later with no show a couple of friends left the hide I made a fatal mistake and decided to stay for a few minutes more instead of joining them on the walk back to the car park because when they reached the causeway screens they had excellent views of a Hen Harrier.Of course it had gone when the rest of us got there.I would have loved to have got some shots.Damn and blast !!!!!

I did get some flight shots of a Jay.Pity it flew into the sun.

A couple of shots of the Coal Tit that visits the feeders in my garden and a shot of a Dunnock that seems to have a growth on one of it's legs.


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