Friday, 26 October 2012

Out in the cold.

Not having been out birding for a few days due to the gloomy conditions when the weatherman said it would be sunny on Friday I thought I'd better get out there even though the weatherman also said it would be much colder.

Played safe and went to Marsh Lane my local patch getting there at not long after 9.00 AM in sunny conditions.Lots of birds on the Car park pool but nothing special till a couple of Egyptian Geese dropped in.

I then headed down to the Oak hide hoping to see a Water Rail and one of the Jack Snipes.Mike Lane was in the hide and it's always nice to bump into Mike as he excellent at giving advice on photography,cameras and lenses etc.

After well over an hour we had no luck at seeing anything in the marsh so as the sun had long ago disappeared and it was getting very cold I left.What a wimp!!!!!

Just before I got back to the car park I did spot this Kestrel in one of the Oak trees.

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