Thursday, 29 November 2012

Brandon marsh and Shustoke Reservoir.

On Wednesday morning I braved the weather and went over to Brandon Marsh getting there just after 10.00AM. It was a bit gloomy and very cold but most of the pathways were passable.

I went round most of the reserve but didn't do any good with the camera.Most disappointing was that Sunday's Waxwings had not stayed even though there are loads of berries still on the trees.Best part of the day was having a chat in the cafe with the pretty waitress.Here are the only shots I managed all morning.

I had not planned to go out on Thursday morning but when my friend Kath texted me that there were 2 Great Northern Divers at Shustoke reservoir I found myself driving into the carpark at 10.30AM.

They were soon located but at the north eastern end of the lake so off we set to get closer.However as so often happens when we got there they had moved over to the southern side nearer the sailing club and then into the middle of the lake.Damn and blast !!!! Lots of walking and unable to get anywhere near them.All I got was some long distant shots.

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