Sunday, 25 November 2012


Just after breakfast this morning I was looking gloomily at the weather outside when a text from Keith Yates told me "4 Waxwings on the guilder roses at Brandon Marsh".All thoughts of staying in vanished and off I set for Brandon Marsh at 8.30AM.

As expected on the journey there were floods both on the road and in the adjacent fields but nothing prepared me for the lake I met when I turned off the A45 onto Brandon Lane.I dithered for ages whether to risk going through it but the chance of seeing some Waxwings won through and I very slowly drove across the flood.

It wasn't till I left the car park that I realised I didn't know where the guilder roses where but I was lucky because as I reached the end of the concrete path from the centre I spotted one of the Waxwings and then the 3 others all feeding on the berry trees there.

The surprise was that there was no one else there.I put the news out on Birdguides and texted a couple of friend but I had them to myself for well over half an hour.What magical birds they are!!!!

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Anonymous said...

just seen our first waxwings in our garden, Trowbridge Wiltshire.