Saturday, 8 December 2012

Out in the Winter sunshine.

Although it was still pretty cold on Saturday morning the sun was shining so I thought I'd better get out there with the camera and try and get some shots.

Before I rattle on I was pleased yesterday when the Male and Female Blackcaps dropped into my garden for a brief visit.Managed a shot of the Male.

Now back to Saturday.First of all I checked out the two local berry trees where I found a lone Waxwing earlier in the week but no luck.I find it a bit baffling that they have not paid another visit as there are plenty of berries left.

I then drove over to the spot in Leamington where 150 Waxwings had gathered last Thursday but I never saw one and couldn't see why they had visited this spot because I couldn't see any berry trees.

I then drove across to Brandon Marsh arriving not long after 10.00AM hoping my luck would improve.Round by the back gate after shots of Redpolls and Siskins I managed a couple of shots of a Kestrel that flashed over.

I did get some shots of Redpolls and Siskins but were no better than last time so I am continuing to struggle this year with these chaps.

In the Baldwin hide I again had a go at getting a decent shot of a male Goldeneye.I always burn out the whites when trying to get the head right.Did a bit better.

Ended up in the Carlton hide which was as grim as ever with almost nothing showing although a Kingfisher paid several visits but never came close.It appeared to prefer sitting on the sluice box.

I gave up at 1.30PM and headed home.Nice sunny weather but no shots of any note.


Christian said...

Superb Kestrel images, Max

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.they are great birds.