Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A bit of local birding.

Went to Marsh Lane again on Monday lunchtime and found the Bittern again this time on the right hand side  of the reed bed pool.It was perched high up in the reeds but despite being patient for the best part of a couple of hours the miserable so and so refused to budge and all I ended up with yet again were some crappographs.

Had an energetic morning on Tuesday which was a bit of a surprise as one of the many things I haven't got these days is energy.After doing an early morning shop in Knowle I shot over to Solihull to return some overdue library books and as soon as I got back home I grabbed the camera and went to Hams Hall to have a go for the Firecrest again.

Got there just before 11.00 AM and was surprised to see no one there.Spent an hour looking in the trees just past the bridge but it was very quiet with hardly any birds showing let alone the Firecrest.Got a shot or two of some Chiffchaffs but that was all.

I then went across to Ladywalk to have another go at the Siberian Chiffchaffs.Went down the path to the wooden gates were I met Dave Hutton but he had had no luck so I headed back to the car park to get some shots of what was on the feeders.Although the feeders were not so busy as last time I was here there were still some Lesser Redpolls (no Mealy ones),Bullfinches,Reed Buntings etc.

I soon became knackered and headed home.Failed to see my target birds but it was very pleasant wandering around in the very pleasant sunny weather.

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