Sunday, 17 February 2013

A frustrating morning with the camera.

Had a bit of a frustrating morning with the camera this morning at Marsh Lane.There were loads of birds showing including some decent ones but they were not in the mood to have their picture taken.

The first one to be uncooperative was the Little Egret which refused to come out from behind the reeds to the left of the car park hide.

There were 5 Oystercatchers on the reserve but I'm blowed if I could get a shot of them as they were too mobile or too distant.

In the Oak hide the marsh was full of Common Snipe at least 30 of them most of which were well hidden.

Eventually we spotted the Jack Snipe but despite being patient for nearly an hour it did not move.This is a shot of it but you'll have to believe me that it is a Jack Snipe.

Even more frustrating was the Bittern which was in it's usual spot in the reeds to the left of the southern causeway screen but it refused to show well despite waiting for ages for it to make a move.This is the best shot I took I hope you can see it.

Nice to see so many birds on a bright frosty morning but it would have been nice to have got some decent shots.

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