Saturday, 9 February 2013

A grim morning's birding.

Little did I know as I drove along the lanes to Brandon Marsh on Friday morning what depressing time was ahead of me.I did get a hint when I got out the car the early brightness has disappeared and it had become pretty gloomy.

As I walked along the main path there was a distinct lack of birds in the trees and bushes.It was quite eerie.The Baldwin,Teal Pool and East Marsh hides were very disappointing with very little on show with what birds there were were all distant and hunkered down on what was left of the islands.Even the birds were depressed.

I spent the best part of two hours in the Carlton hide mainly because a friend was in there and I had someone to chat to but My God it was quiet on the birding front with only a couple of Coots being on view for the first hour and then the odd Duck and a Swan paid visits.When it's like this being in the Carlton hide can be a very grim experience it's only just a bit better than having a filling done at the dentists.

After my friend left I was left with two other birders who had come from Worcestershire.They were as fed up as I was and I was amused when one said "This is a worse experience than when I got lost in a Cairo slum a few years ago".

My morning was saved a bit when I found the almost tame Robins on the main path and they posed for some shots.

I shouldn't moan too much because it was a gloomy day in February and you should not expect too much but you can tell how depressed I was with my morning's birding because a chat with the pretty waitress failed to liven me up.I know you can't win them all but this morning I lost very badly.

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