Thursday, 7 February 2013

Marsh Lane.

Having been kept from going out birding by the recent strong winds as soon as I saw this morning that they had dropped considerably I grabbed the camera and shot over to Marsh Lane.

As I got out the car in the car park I was surprised how cold it was in the sunshine.You would have thought the ice on all the puddles would have given me a clue.There were loads of Ducks on the car park pool including up to 300 Wigeon but there were no signs of the Goosanders or the Little Egret.

There was no sign of the Bittern on the Reedbed pool from the causeway screens.This was not going well on the photography front.The Oak hide wasn't much better although there were up to 30 Common Snipe in the marsh most well hidden.

There were at least 3 Common Gulls on the water but I could not see anything of note.

A Fox showed up on the distant bank and it soon let me know what it thought of the shots I'd taken that morning.

The cold got the better of me and I headed back home.


Mike said...

Some very nice Snipe pictures.ablicyzo

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Mike.