Friday, 1 March 2013

Brueton Park and Brandon Marsh.

On Wednesday when the sun made a surprising visit in the afternoon I went over to Brueton Park to see if the Goosander that was there the day before was still about so I could get some better shots in the brighter conditions.It wasn't !!!

All that was there with any interest were the pair of Hybrid Whooper Swans and a distant Grey Wagtail. 

On Thursday with a sunny day forecast I went over to Brandon Marsh arriving mid morning.I soon got onto the Yellow Legged Gull but at distance and in flight. I'm blowed if I could find the pair of Pintails seen earlier by the Wright hide but I did manage some Shellduck flight shots again unfortunately at distance.

I was told by three birders who I did not know when I entered the Carlton hide that 3 Bitterns had been seen a little earlier but an hour's stay was a waste of time and I saw nothing.After a visit to get a cup of tea and a chat to the waitress who looked stunning I went over to the River pool hide to see if the Green Winged Teal was still there.It was but the sun which was straight ahead made it very difficult to get any decent shots.I think I did better earlier in the week when it was dull.

No decent shots but very pleasant to be out in the sunshine for a change.

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