Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A bit more local birding.

Last Saturday morning I went over to Marsh Lane for a quick look.Spent most of the time waiting for the Bittern on the Reed Bed pool to come out of the reeds.It didn't so yet again I failed to get a decent shot.I've already asked Nic Barlow that when he orders one for next winter he pays extra and get a Bittern that is a show off.This is all I could get in a ninety minute wait.

On Monday I went over to Brandon Marsh to take advantage of the fine morning's weather.Did no good at all for the first two hours even though I visited most of the hides I didn't use the camera once.

At lunchtime I went again to the River Pool hide to see if the Green-winged Teal had showed up.The hide was empty.Not a good sign.When I opened the flaps I could see why the sunshine on the water was dazzling and you could see nothing except silhouettes.Luckily quite soon the GWT moved towards the left bank where it wasn't so dazzling.Still didn't get any decent shots.  

When I was struggling to get some shots of the GWT a breathless birder entered the hide."Please tell me the GWT is still here I,ve taken an extended lunchhour to see it" "From Coventry" I asked. "No Leicester" he gasped.Once he'd seen it he raced off tick completed.

I then had a bit more success when I found the Yellow-legged Gull had shown up on the East Marsh pool and I was able to take a few flight shots.Great pity it wouldn't fly close.

A bonus from the East Marsh hide when a Water Rail showed very briefly before racing across to the channel.

Yesterday the fine weather lured me out again and I popped over to Marsh lane at lunchtime.Best spot was a Jack Snipe that showed at the far end of the marsh from the Oak hide.

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