Friday, 22 March 2013

Jack Snipe revisited.

On Thursday morning I had to go to the dentists and have a filling.When I left at just after 9.00 AM the injection had left my gum numb which is fair enough but it also had left the right side of my nose numb as well.Very strange.An hour later I attempted to have a cup of tea which I managed to spill most of it down my chin.Wonderful !! I do love the dentists.

A little later when I heard that the weather was going to be dreadful the next few days I grabbed the camera and headed off to my local patch Marsh Lane getting there at noon.There were a couple of Herring Gulls,two Redshanks and three Oystercatchers on the Car Park pool together with the a pair of Goosanders that yet again were asleep on the far bank.What a miserable pair these two are never cruising round the pond.

Had the Oak hide to myself and no wonder the Railway Pool was very quiet and the marsh had no birds in it at all.Luckily the Little Egret turned up but it was a fair way off and only once cruised past the hide.

I was just about to leave when I spotted a dark brown/cream backed bird bobbing in the marsh.It was my good friend the Jack Snipe. He entertained me for over 30 minutes often coming out into the open.

I even had a go at taking a video.See

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