Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Another visit to Marsh Lane.

Having got the repairs to the washing machine sorted on Tuesday morning I needed to get out there with the camera so I popped over to Marsh Lane just after lunch.

It was still pretty cold and not too bright but even so I was surprised to find the car park pool very quiet with only a pair of Oystercatchers on show.

There was a Chiffchaff apparently in the car park but I didn't see or hear it.There was no sign of the Bittern from the causeway screen again so it's probably left.I was lucky to find two friends in the Oak hide because it was very quiet on the railway pool and the marsh was empty of birds.

After a while things got better.A Little Egret that started off miles away came closer to the hide.

Two Redshanks were flying around and there was a distant Ringed Plover at the back of one of the islands (too far for a shot).

The hide was full by this time which was a good thing because an immature Gull caused quite a lot of discussion.Was it a Yellow-legged  Gull or a Great Black-backed Gull.I hadn't got a clue.It was thought more likely to be the latter.

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