Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Out in the bitter cold.

Must have gone slightly insane Tuesday lunchtime because I grabbed the camera and went over to Marsh Lane when it was bitterly cold and pretty gloomy.The journey there was a bit of a surprise because there was far less snow around the further away I got from Knowle.The reserve road was completely free of snow,the reserve pathways were also clear and there was no ice on any of the ponds.

I had wrapped up with loads of layers but the bitterly cold wind soon started to penetrate my thermals.Ended up pretty quickly in the Oak hide where the Barn Owl had been seen on Sunday in the orchid field but that was late evening so I had no luck.Did see the Tree Sparrow behind the hide which was my first viewing for some time.

A big bonus when a Yellowhammer landed for a brief visit under the feeders.Not done well this year for shots of these chaps unlike last year when there were dozens of them about. 

Not a bonus was when a Brown Rat also paid a visit to the area under the feeders.Much rather have seen a Hoopoe or a Wryneck there.

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